mardi 24 avril 2007

Sub-aqua pigs

The door panels found in the old bog - after plenty of elbow grease

Close up of the carving on each door

Another beautiful hot day. Plenty of the usual work going on with chainsaw and scythe. The pigs have started scuba diving. Arrived at the field to find no pigs but a constant bubbling sound. In the pond, two pairs of ears breaking the surface. Idiots!
The chickens went 'free range' to day with no mishaps and they even went back into the run without any chasing.
Tomorrow a day off in the mountains.

2 commentaires :

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Lee
Whats happened to that house nextr door ...have they sold it or anything?
Christian...from Bath
Hope all's going well...Julian what's to visit again!

Lee Sharp a dit…

No movement on the ruin (I don't think she'll ever sell) but have some other building projects which I'm sure will interest you. Come on down, the weather is great and you can see the menagerie!