mardi 10 avril 2007


It was a frantic morning getting everything ready, but at last the animals have arrived.

The pigs are being very well behaved so far. I think it is their first time outside and it was great to see them exploring their new environment. It's also their first time with an electric fence and it was 50/50 whether after getting shocked they'd end up on the right or wrong side of the fence. They're getting the hang of it slowly.

The chickens on the other hand were fine until dusk. They're obviously used to roosting high up in a barn, so my 'low rise' accommodation wasn't appealing. Instead they lined up on the roof of the hen house and refused to go in. After some Benny Hill'esque chasing around the run they decided to show me that they could fly - out of the run (tomorrow it gets it's roof!). After about an hour it was totally dark. I managed to get three of them in the run, the rooster is in a tree and the fourth hen in AWOL. I just hope it comes back for food tomorrow. On the plus side I have 2 eggs.

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Anonyme a dit…

Lee, you can cut the tips of the wing feathers, it will stop them from flying out of the run