dimanche 15 avril 2007

Hedge laying

Up at the crack of dawn to lay the hedge between me and the pigs. The EDF cut some of it down about 18 months ago (because the power line runs overhead), but they just leave everything where it falls - a right mess. The brambles spread into the dead branches lying on the ground on either side of the hedge and before you know it there's an area of scrub where once there was a hedge. All is neat and tidy now and for the first time I can see the pigs, field and barn from the house.

In the afternoon, I finished the chicken's mobile run, had a couple of visitors keen to see the pigs and chickens, dug a vegetable patch for the french beans, tidied up all the piles of dead wood and brambles waiting to be burnt and played with the pigs.
The firebugs have come out for the first time.
All in all it was a lovely day today.

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Just : i like this picture, the colors, the mountains... it seems quiet.