lundi 23 avril 2007

More visitors

This morning I loaded up the trailer with some of the junk from the barn. The path to the fields has a tangle of electrical wire in one of the hedgerows which has been bugging me ever since I bought Quelebu, so I decided to remove it. It took forever, because it was half buried and tangled in brambles. As a consequence I had to de-bramble the area behind the wood shed which has been inaccessible until now. Turns out this is the old toilet (long since disused so no pong). Half an old door which had a tap fixed to it (alas not plumbed in) is a beautifully carved oak panel door (photo tomorrow). Definitely worth restoring, if only the whole door was there.

My fingers are constantly full of bramble splinters, often deep tiny arrowheads only 1/2 to 1/4 mm long but painful. Usually I have to prod around with a needle, tears in my eyes, until I can get them out. Anyone know a way of encouraging them out less painfully?

Before going to the dump I finished half the remaining hurdle fencing to field no 2. Its amazing how much wood this uses.

In the afternoon I had visitors from Coumelary, one of the hamlets between Aleu and Quelebu. The extended family came to see the pigs and all my works. They were very complimentary of all my efforts. Claude turned up, so we all retired to Quelebu for l'apero. They're all looking for a young pretty french wife for me - hurry up is all I can say!

Philippe and Celine's neighbours, Alain and his family are also here at the moment, so Quelebu is full for the first time in many years.

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