mercredi 8 octobre 2008


Spent most of today working on knocking another doorway through a near 3 foot thick wall at Pont de la Taule. This one will link the main house to the storeroom which will become the bathroom. The red line shows the approx position of the door. The big block at the bottom is solid bedrock (marble). Hence the reason I've been putting off this job for some time, but in fact it hasn't proved too difficult to break through. Forgot the camera, progress photo's soon.

2 commentaires :

Anonyme a dit…

I thought I had read through your whole blog but I must have missed something... Are you renovating yet another house?

Lee Sharp a dit…

Yep, at Pont de la Taule just south of Seix. Lots to do there. A much bigger house than Quélébu - probably for renting or a gite.