samedi 4 octobre 2008


Despite all the antibiotics and anti-inflammatory injections Jeanie has slowly deteriorated and this evening she seems very weak and ill. I doubt she'll make it to morning but there is nothing else to be done. It's heartbreaking to see her in such a pathetic state. Someone in the village told me a shepherd friend of theirs has lost 40 of his flock of 70 to the disease, so I guess I have got off lightly if I only lose one.

Though many locals are bemoaning the 'cep' shortage this year, there are many other mushrooms to eat. Tonight some more gypsy mushrooms and cauliflower fungus (actually the very similar sparassis brevipes) with my lamb, and home produced vegetables and mint jelly.

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sorry to hear about the sheep, hope the rest of them stay ok.
oh and the new wood shed looks good. at least it won't collapse on your car like the old one threatened.