dimanche 5 octobre 2008

Loss and gain

This morning it was with a sense of dread that I descended to the barn - expecting to find Jeanie dead. But no, there she was in the field with the other sheep. She was sat on the ground and even nibbling a few blades of grass. I thought she might just pull through. She was still fine at noon when I left for lunch with Ian, Nina, Marc and Sara. Alas when I got back at 4.00 there were only 5 sheep in the field and in the barn there she was dead.

After a moments silence and wishing here 'bon voyage' to sheepy heaven, I got to work saving the carcass. Fortunately blue tongue doesn't render the carcass inedible. It was the first time I've done a sheep so it took a bit longer than I had expected, but tonight I have two sides of lamb hanging in the kitchen and liver for tea.

Tomorrow, a day in the mountains and in the evening I will butcher the lamb and get it in the freezer. There was a frost last night and tonight it is clear - I'd like to hang the meat outside but I think there are too many predators. Still without a fire I think the house will be cool enough for the meat to set.

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