vendredi 10 octobre 2008 arse!

Today I set about constructing a hay manger for feeding the sheep over winter. Stupidly, rather than design my own, I decided to use a plan out of a book - mistake number one. Apparently perfectly dimensioned for sheep, definitely perfectly dimensioned to make swinging a hammer or driving a nail impossible. I also decided to re-use/salvage some of the crappy timber from the old wood shed - mistake number two. The passage of time was marked by screamed expletives, bent nails and tantrums...and look at's not like I've created a thing of beauty. Something about it reminds me of an old pub piano...probably the weight. I bet the bloody thing won't work. The sheep will probably bump their heads and not be able to reach the hay.
Tomorrow something different - anything!

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Anonyme a dit…

Try the one labled "a novel feed rack" If you can dump hay from loft above through the floor into it (just put railing or rope around hole in floor). Good luck, Chip

Lee Sharp a dit…

Yeah I looked at that, problem is sheep tend to waste quite a bit of hay - the stuff that falls to the floor they trample on, then won't eat. Also my hay isn't stored in the hayloft so loading the manger isn't so easy if it's too high up.

The design I chose has a trough to catch any hay that would normally fall to the least in theory!

Anonyme a dit…

Là où je travaille, je vends tout le matériel pour l'élevage ! si tes moutons s'assoment trop souvent je t'indiquerai une adresse ;D


PS : moi je la trouve bien ta mangeoire elle ressemble à celle que je vends !