jeudi 16 octobre 2008

Muck Spreading

A day of tidying up the vegetable patch, digging it over and covering it with dung from the barn. Just the leeks and carrots are still in the ground - the latter I'm digging up as I need them, the leeks will stay in as long as possible i.e. until it snows.

Autumn colours on one of the big beech trees between fields 1 and 2.

More rifle research and the bureaucracy of firearm importing is making me look again at the Tikka T3 laminated stainless. Can probably order one in St Girons. Unbelievably (given the tiny size of the UK rifle market compared to France) they are about 3/4 the french price in the UK.

2 commentaires :

Anonyme a dit…

Just a thought, why a rifle? with the 12gauge shotgun you can hunt both big and small game, depending on ammo. happy hunting, Chip

Lee Sharp a dit…

I have a 20 guage shotgun already but in France 'grand gibier' - wild boar, roe deer, isard, red deer, etc can only be hunted with a rifle. It's unlikely I'd get close enough to shot one with a shotgun and frankly I wouldn't want to - a rifle is a sure, clean and instant kill. I know you can put a slug in a shotgun but I don't believe it has anything like the accuracy of a rifle...besides I've always wanted a rifle!