lundi 20 octobre 2008


Another full day at Pont de la Taule - burning all the rotten old wood and barn contents mostly. Barn first floor is now more or less clear, apart from a mound of dusty and very old hay. Found a very nice leather apron - not sure if it is for butchering, sheep-shearing or something more kinky! I've taken it and hope to put it to all three uses.

Loaded up the trailer with all the none combustibles then remembered the tip isn't open on Mondays! Drinks with the old mayor and various other assorted locals at Chez Rogalles before home.

My 'Permis de Chasser' arrived today, but now I need to validate it. You can do it on-line ... anywhere in France apart from in the Ariege! Another trip to Foix. Still no sign of the tractor.

3 commentaires :

Anonyme a dit…

Ha yes, shopping chez Rogalle! When I was young, they were writing and calculating all the bills by hand. No need to say there were queues... They children finally convinced them to buy a calculator!
We've also ended up drinking apero with the mayor. There is a new one now, isn't it?

Lee Sharp a dit…

Think they've long since lost the calculator - it's all still done 'by hand' but good for them. Their son is opening a new shop a few doors down as Juliette and André - the 'Rogalles' are well into their eighties and ready to retire. André Vidal is the new mayor...not as fond of l'Apero as his predecessor!

Anonyme a dit…

Ha, ha! Thanks for the news! Nice that one of the sons is settling back.