mercredi 23 juin 2010


Weather back to normal thank heavens, though there's some fresh snow on the mountains.
Up at 5.30 yesterday to scythe the hay in Paul's field. I scythed the lower part (which is about 2/3 the total) in 5 five hours. This morning I scythed the remainder. In the heat the grass dries quick and by this evening yesterday mornings cut was ready to test through the baler.
I managed to get the baler down into the field via a track through the woods I cleared in the spring, though I fear it might be a one way trip (the baler is heavy and my tractor light). It took most the afternoon to transport the hay from all around the lower field to make 2 windrows in the only part of the field flat enough to get the baler to. The baler still needs some fine tuning, occasionally one of the strings breaks, the twines are too loose and it's a bit temperamental picking up, but I have some things loosely resembling bales and as the baler cost 40 quid, I'm not too upset.
Because the tow point is offset to one side the baler is impossible to reverse, so currently it's stuck facing the wrong direction. Will try to turn it around manually tomorrow with some help, before trying to get it back up the track.

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