mardi 15 juin 2010


The cold and wet weather continues, an excuse to light the fire in the afternoon/evening and put the winter duvet back on the bed. It's been a strange weather year so far.

Le temps froid et humide continue, une excuse d'allumer la pôele dans l'après-midi et mettre le duvet d'hiver sur mon lit. C'etait une année extraordinaire.

Mostly I've been painting and cleaning the cast iron components of the new bandsaw in the warmth of the workshop and planning the next works at Pont de la Taule. The baler got hit by flying debris in the South winds the other day and so one of the fibreglass body panels had to be repaired too.

J'ai peint et nettoyé les pieces en fonte de la scie à ruban dans le chaleur de mon atelier. La boiteleuse etait casser par des décombres portante par le vent du Sud l'autre jour, donc des réparations aussi.

2 commentaires :

Alun a dit…

It's funny but I was wondering if you wone the band saw the other day. I am guessing that it actually worked before you started taking it apart!

Lee Sharp a dit…

Don't know, but the motor is separate and and it drives a belt that turns all the important bits. It's 3-phase but I'll test it on 240v in the coming days.